Origin: Greek

Meaning: “pearl”
nickname for Margaret

Best Margaret Nicknames
Greta, Gretal, Gretel, Grethel, Gretta, Grette,
Mags, Maggi, Maggie, Maggy, Maisie, Maisy,
Marge, Margey, Margie, Margo, Margot, Marji,
Marjie, Markie, Meg, Megan, Meggi, Meggie,
Meggy, Peg, Pegeen, Peggie, Peggy

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Don’t make me repeat myself, Madge.
Madge is out back with her little friends.
Green is really Madge’s color.

Famous people named Madge or its variations

1. Madge Dorita Sinclair (1938-95), Jamaican-American actress
2. Madge Kennedy (1891-1987), American actress
3. Madge Evans (1909-81), American actress
born Margherita Evans

Madge Middle Names
Madge Arielle
Madge Deann
Madge Justina
Madge Roseanne
Madge Selena

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