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Zoltan was the 22nd most popular baby boy name in Hungary in 2012.


The Italian pronunciation of Vanna sounds like Vonna


Vaughn reached Top 400 popularity in the USA from 1947 to 1951


Urs, a short form of Ursus, is a male name found primarily in German-speaking Switzerland


More Finnish boys were named Urpo from 1940 through 1959 then at any other time, according to Finland’s Population Register Centre


Umberto II was the last King of Italy. His nickname was the King of May


Tonya was a Top 100 American baby girl name between 1966 and 1980


Titus was never a Top 500 American baby boy name until the 21st century. It gained that distinction in 2007 and rose to No. 283 by 2016


On the most popular American baby boy names, Thomas dropped below No. 50, for the first time since 1880, in 2006

Taylor (Boy)

In the USA, 1989 was the last year Taylor ranked higher as a boy’s name (No. 72) than as a girl’s name (No. 75)


Tarquin was one of 4 boys names registered with the SSA in 2013 that ended in -quin. The others were Joaquin, Juaquin and Jaquin


Here are the number of births in 2016 for various spellings of Safiya (87), Safia (55), Safiyah (32) and Saffiyah (22)

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