Origin: Hindu

Meaning: “sorrowless”

Best Nicknames:
Ace, Ash, Shooki, Shooks, Shooky

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ashoka, Ashoke, Asoke

Ashok Book Quotes:
“I’ve decided not to elope with Ashok.”
Sister of My Heart (2009)
“Ashok strode back to his desk frustrated and angry.”
What a Paradise (2014)

Famous people named Ashok or its variations

1. Ashok Selvan (b. 1989), Tamil film actor
2. Ashok Bhandari (b. 1953), Indian magician, musician
aka The Wonderking
3. Ashok Kumar (1911-2001), Indian actor;
birth name: Kumudlal Ganguly

Ashok Middle Names
Ashok Devi
Ashok Jyotis
Ashok Pratik

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