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Willis was a Top 100 name in 1880 and 1881


Willard ranked among the Top 100 American male names between 1913 and 1925


Urs, a short form of Ursus, is a male name found primarily in German-speaking Switzerland


Uriel entered the Top 500 American baby boy names in 1999 at No. 483. In 2012 it was No. 482


After 1948, Ulysses dropped out of the Top 500 list for American baby boy names. It last appeared in the Top 1000 in 2005 at No. 982


Theda stayed in the Top 500 USA baby girl names from 1916 through 1923, owing to the popularity of silent film star, Theda Bara


The name Theobald just never caught on in the USA since a child would undoubtedly end up being called Baldy in school


In 2012, 36 American baby boys were named Thayer, up 16 from 2011


In the USA, Tad as a given male name was most popular between 1964 and 1970, making it into the Top 500 once: in 1966 at No. 473


Sydney made the Top 500 Popular American baby girl names in 1985. 10 years later, it was in the Top 50


Sloan is a unisex name derived from an Irish surname


Simeon bounced in and out of the Top 1000 American boy names between 1902 and 2012. It ranked highest in 1906 at 749

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