Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “star of the aurora sky”

Best Nicknames:
Itsi, Itsie, Itsy, Zelly

Variantions and Sound Alikes
Itcel, Itchel, Itza, Itzell

Itzel Book Quotes:
“The relationship between doña Jesusa and doña Itzel was far from good until after Júbilo was born.” Swift as Desire (2002)

Famous people named Itzel or its variations

1. Itzel Ramos, Mexican actress
2. Itzel Rodriguez, Mexican-American singer, dancer
3. Itzel Reza Flores, Mexican sprint canoer

Itzel Middle Names
Itzel Carmen
Itzel Concepcion
Itzel Jacinta
Itzel Milagros
Itzel Ramona

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  1. Itzel says:

    as a child, i was always called zel. “zel, this. zel, that.” i could pronounce my name itzel, so it was always just zel. it’s shortcut cute, and sounds fun.

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