Origin: Latin

Meaning: “victory”
feminine form of Victor

Best Nicknames
Toree, Tori, Torie, Tory, Toya, Vicci, Vickee,
Vickey, Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Viki, Vikki, Vikky

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Victoire, Victorie, Victorina, Victorine, Vihtorina,
Viktoria, Viktorija, Vitoria, Vittoria, Wiktoria

Victoria TV and Movie Quotes:
And Victoria? Is she not proper? Dark Shadows (2012)
Oh, yes, England. Queen Victoria, crumpets, Shakespeare.
Horror Express (1972)

Famous people named Victoria or its variations

1. Victoria Beckham (b. 1974), English singer, songwriter
born Victoria Caroline Adams aka Posh Spice
2. Victoria Ree Principal (b. 1950), American actress
3. Tori Spelling (b. 1973), American actress
born Victoria Davey Spelling

Victoria Middle Names
Victoria Annette
Victoria Faye
Victoria June
Victoria Leigh
Victoria Regina

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  1. Victoria McFad says:

    Most of my nicknames come from the fact that our family continues to call ppl what the kids used to call them when they were learning to talk. A cousin on one side of the family called me Gippy when she was learning to speak. Another cousin called me Bicky. From then on out I was Bik-Bik!

  2. Victoria says:

    People call me Tori

  3. Victoria says:


  4. Tae says:

    People like to call me tea so yea

  5. Victoria says:

    %100 Vickie

  6. Viktoria says:

    People call me vikster or queen tori

  7. Victoria says:

    People call me v-train, v, and vic. Very few people call me veebs.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Victoria,

      I’m doing some research on nicknames with a view to submitting an article to a linguistics journal.

      Could I ask you which country you live in? Also, does your last name start with “B” and/or end with “s” (hence “Veebs)?


  8. Victoria says:


  9. Fern says:

    For fern I like Fe (Fay)

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