Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “my father”
also, a nickname or short form of the Hebrew names Abraham, Avinoam, Aviram, Avishai, Avishay, Avraham, Avram; Sanskrit names Avinash, Avindra; and other names that begin with Av-

Avi TV and Movie Quotes:
“Avi, I’m not telepathic.” Snatch (2000)
“Avi, are you an observant Jew?”
Ray Donovan: The Rodef (2014)

Famous people named Avi or its variations

1. Avi Kornick (b. 1983), Israeli actor;
birth name: Abraham Kornick
2. Avi Lewis (b. 1968), Canadian journalist, filmmaker;
born Avram David Lewis
3. Avie Tevanian, American computer scientist;
born Avadis Tevanian

Avi Middle Names
Avi Barak
Avi Daniel
Avi Josiah
Avi Simon

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