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In 2012, Zephaniah was just as popular as Emil, Gian and Donnie, with 114 USA male births each


Willard ranked among the Top 100 American male names between 1913 and 1925


A popular name for well over 100 years, Walter’s highest position in the USA was at No. 10 in 1914


58 babies were named Waldo in 1943, the last time the name was in the Top 1000 popular male names in the USA


Vidal made the Top 100 American baby boy names in 2 years: in 1972 at No. 621, and 1973 at No. 840.


67 American baby girls were named Tova in 2016 and 14 were named Tovah


Tilly was a Top 500 American female given name from 1880 to 1929, with a high rank of No. 148 in 1884.


Tripp first appeared in the Top 1000 American male names in 2008 at No. 930. In 2009, it jumped up to No. 672, influenced by Bristol Palin’s choice of that first name for her son.


28 American baby boys were named Tilden in 2016, so it was just as popular as Hogan, Silvio and Ubaldo


1908 through 1915 was the only time span in which Theron was consistently in the Top 500 American baby boy names


In 2012, 169 American baby girls were named Sylvie; 10 were named Silvie


Susan was a Top 10 American baby girl name between 1945 and 1968

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