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Four Saints Named Benedict

The name Benedict comes from the Latin “benedictus” and means “blessed”. It is no wonder than that the name was taken by many called to religious life. 15 Popes and 3 anti-Popes took the name Benedict. You may have heard of Saint Benedict but did you know there are more than one such saint? Let’s […]

Shopkins Chef Club Helpers Abilities and Nicknames

In this post, we’re going to tell you all the Season 6 Shopkin Chef nicknames that we have played with and tell you what their helper abilities are. My 4-year old granddaughter taught me to play Season 6 Shopkins Chef on Kids Kindle. When I got the hang of it, I decided to help her […]

Nickname Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

A lot of people have problems with unwanted nicknames, judging by some of the comments on this site. Perhaps the most common occurrence is during introductions when some people take it upon themselves to call you by some version of your name that you don’t like and you are put in the awkward position of […]

Names that end in -ette: M to Y

In this post, we have a table of names ending in the -ette suffix, given to American girls in 2012, 1962 and 1902, that began with the letters M through Y. (See A through L here). The -ette suffix was primarily used to form a pet name or diminutive out of a mainstream name. As […]

Names that end in -ette: A to L

Let’s take a look at names that end in -ette over the last 100 years. Below we have a table of names given to American girls in 2012, 1962 and 1902  that began with the letters A through L. (M through Y are covered in this post). That’s 50 years apart for each row. Many […]

The Inspiration of Emma Woodhouse

Emma Woodhouse is a very popular character in Jane Austen’s novel of the same name. She has been brought to both the large screen and small screen many times. In this clip from “Emma” (2009), she is portrayed by Romola Garai.

Swiss Names

When you think of Switzerland, what comes to mind? The Alps, Heidi, chocolate, banks…? When it comes to the topic of names, The Swiss Confederation is a very interesting mix. They have four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch. As a result, they have more than one Top 10 list for names. In 2015, […]


A pseudonym is defined in The Free Dictionary as “a fictitious name, especially a pen name.” One can infer from “especially, a pen name” that people generally think of a pseudonym as a fictitious name used by an author, also known as a nom de plume. In common usage, a stage name is used for […]

Stage Names

You always see lists of celebrities’ real names and, yes, we’re going to get a list together right now. Before we do, however, let’s talk about the reasons why people take “stage names” when they go into show business. The top reason has to be because the name they were born with just doesn’t have […]

Personalize This Adorable Baby Onesie

You can personalize this adorable football jersey number baby bodysuit for baby’s first or second birthday. The number 1 is already on it, but you can change that to a 2 or even the day of baby’s birth in the customize options. It’s possible to make the number smaller so that you can change that […]

Baby Lullabies: Music to Their Little Ears

Here are some of the songs parents choose to help their babies drift off to dreamland

Totally Unrelated Nicknames

Lots of times, we come across people who go by nicknames that are totally unrelated to their given names. Now we’re not talking about meeting a guy who is tall and thin who goes by the nickname Slim or Stretch. You can see how he got that nickname and you’re not gonna ask him. Here […]

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