Origin: Latin

Meaning: “traveler, wanderer”
short form of Peregrine

More ‘Per’ Names:
Percival, Perdido, Peregrine, Peretz,
Pericles, Perkin, Pernell

Perry TV and Movie Quotes:
“Something tells me the world hasn’t seen the last
of Perry White.” Smallville: Perry (2003)
Perry, I know what ‘exacerbate’ means. Capote (2005)
“…So, as an attorney, what do you think of Perry Mason?”
The Partridge Family (1970 TV Series)

Famous people named Perry or its variations

1. Perry Farrell (b. 1959), American rocker (Jane’s Addiction)
born Peretz Bernstein
2. Perry Firestone King (b. 1948), American actor
3. Perry Como (1912-2001), American singer
born Pierino Ronald Como

Middle Names for Perry:
Perry Benedict
Perry Dwayne
Perry Francis
Perry George
Perry Kevin

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