Origin: Italian

Meaning: “birth; nativity”
also, the Italian word for Christmas;
Babbo Natale is the Italian name for Santa Claus

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Natal, Natali, Natalio, Natalino, Natalizio

Natale Book Quotes:
“Natale scratched his chin for a while.”
The Cudoni Creeed: Vengeance (2013)
“At first, Natale did not grasp it.”
The Miracle (1984)

Famous people named Natale or its variations

1. Natale Galletta (b. 1967), Italian singer, songwriter
2. Natalino Balasso (b. 1960), Italian actor, comedian
3. Natalio Botana, Uruguayan journalist (1888-1941),
born Natalio FĂ©lix Botana Miralles

Natale Middle Names
Natale Adonis
Natale Luigi
Natale Matteo
Natale Umberto

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