Origin: Old English

Meaning: “from the wealthy estate”
place name (Wellington, evolved from Weolingtun, Somerset,
England; British peerage title, Duke of Wellington)

Best Nicknames:
Well, Wells, Welly, Welty

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Weligton, Welington, Welinton, Welliton

Wellington TV and Movie Quotes:
“Gentlemen, I do not consider myself to be Wellington;
Santa Ana, however, considers himself to be Napoleon –
the Napoleon of the West.” The Alamo (2004)
“Good beans, Wellington!” Waterloo (1970)

Famous people named Wellington or its variations

1. Wellington Paulista (b. 1984). Brazilian footballer
born Wellington Pereira do Nascimento
2. Wellington Dias (b. 1967), Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert;
Nickname: Megaton
3. Wellington Timothy Mara (1916-2005), NFL Hall of Famer,
NY Giants co-owner; Nickname: The Duke

Wellington Middle Names
Wellington Alberto
Wellington Carl
Wellington Kyle
Wellington Lloyd

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