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Paul Coelho’s novel, The Zahir, was originally written in Portuguese.


In the USA, Wendell ranked highest at No. 114 in 1939 for American boys, the year Wendell Willkie ran against FDR for president.


24 American male babies were named Valentine in 1903, when the name ranked No. 409


As a Top 500 American male name, Tristan jumped from No. 452 in 1994 to No. 121 in 1995, and in and out of the Top 100 since then


In 2016, 19 American boys were named Townsend and 81 were named Townes


Tarquin was one of 4 boys names registered with the SSA in 2013 that ended in -quin. The others were Joaquin, Juaquin and Jaquin


As an American baby boy name, Tanner peaked at No. 82 in 1998. By 2016, it was No. 238.


Stewart fell out of Top 500 American baby boy names in 1979 and last appeared in the Top 1000 names at No. 992 in 1998


Slade first appeared on the Top 100 American baby boy names in 2007 at No. 856

Shelby (Boy)

Shelby ranked No. 884 in 1999 in Top 1000 American boys names. That same year, it ranked No. 62 as a girl’s name.

Ruby (Boy)

As a male baby name, Ruby made it into the Top 500 popular names in 5 years, ranking highest in 1906 at No. 430


Rolf’s highest rank in popular USA baby boy names was in 1960 at No. 771

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