Girls Names M: Meanings, Nicknames


Myrtle was always in the Top 50 American baby girl names between 1880 and 1912


Myra dropped out of the Top 500 most popular American baby names in the mid-1970s


Mylène was most popular in France in 1989, with 1,231 baby girls attributed to the name


Myla first appeared on the list of Top 1000 American baby girl names in 2005 at No. 963


The f in Myfanwy is pronounced as though it were a v, although the f sound is used for the nickname Myf


2005 and 2009 are the two years Mya made the Top 100 American baby girl list of popular names since it first appeared on the list in 1997


The height of Muriel’s popularity in the USA was in the early 1920s, when it reached its top rank of No. 112 in 1922

Morgan (Girl)

Morgan was a Top 25 American baby girl name between 1994 and 2000


Quite popular in Latin American, especially Argentina, Morena has never been in the Top 1000 most popular girls names in the USA


Monique was a Top 200 name in the USA between 1967 and 1996, while its popularity in France was on the wane


Monica hopped into the Top 100 American baby girl names in 1964 and stayed there up to and including 1997


More American baby girls were named Mona in the 1950s than in any other decade

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