Mackenzie (Girl)

Origin: Scottish Gaelic

Meaning: surname migration
from the surname MacCoinnich, which means “son of Coinneach”. Coinneach, meaning “handsome” eventually involved into Kenneth

Best Nicknames
Mac, Mack, Mackie, Kennie, Kenzi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Makenzie, Mckenzie, Mckinzie, Mckynzie

Mackenzie TV and Movie Quotes:
“I don’t want MacKenzie McHale producing it for you.”
The Newsroom: The Greater Fool 2012
“Mackenzie, stay with me. Come on, now.”
Criminal Minds: A Thin Line 2012

Famous people named Mackenzie or its variations
Mackenzie Foy Makenzie FisherMcKenzie Westmore

1. Mackenzie Christine Foy (b. 2000), American actress
2. Makenzie Fischer (b. 1997), American water polo player
3. McKenzie Kate Westmore (b. 1977), American actress, singer

Mackenzie Middle Names
Mackenzie Cheyenne
Mackenzie June
Mackenzie Kathleen
Mackenzie Sierra

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  1. Mackenzie Edelen says:

    Kenzie, Kenz, BigMac, Mac and Cheese, Kenz the Killer

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