Origin: Celtic

Meaning: “white cliffs”

Best Nicknames:
Al, Albee, Albie, Alby, Bibi

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Albin, Albione, Albyn

Albion Book Quotes:
“Christopher had to acknowledge that Albion had a point.”
The Objective is Life (2011)
“Albion gave a sigh of relief and stood up.” Sekabo (2014)

Famous people named Albion or its variations

1. Albion Rajkumar Banerjee (1871-1950), Indian politician
2. Albion Winegar Tourgée (1838-1905), American politician;
civil rights activist, author
3. Albion Parris Howe (1818-97), American Civil War general

Albion Middle Names
Albion Curtis
Albion Jonas
Albion Marshall
Albion Vincent

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