Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “evening caller”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Tareek, Tareeq, Tareq, Tarik, Tariq

Tarek TV and Movie Quotes:
“You know, Tarek, these people are laughing at you.”
The Apprentice: Summer of Sam’s (2006)
“Tarek, you’re my favourite cousin. You know that?”
The Contest: To the Stars and Back (2013)

Famous people named Tarek or its variations

1. Tarek Momen (b. 1988), Egyptian squash pro
2. Tarek Elsetouhi (b. 1978), Egyptian pro bodybuilder
3. Tarek Mohammed Al-Wazir (b. 1971), German politician

Tarek Middle Names
Tarek Boulus
Tarek Dawoud
Tarek Youssef

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