Origin: Greek

Meaning: “bright, radiant”

Best Nicknames:
Fee, Febe, Feebs, Fifi, Phee, Pheebs

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Pheabe, Phebe, Pheby, Phoebee, Phoebey

Phoebe TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ok, I got an idea. If it’s a girl, Phoebe, naturally. And, if
it’s a boy… Phoebo.” Friends (1994 TV Series)
“You know yourself Cousin Phoebe spends twice as much
as we do.” Life With Father (1947)

Famous people named Phoebe or its variations

1. Phoebe Cates Kline (b. 1963), American actress
born Phoebe Belle Cates
2. Phoebe Snow (1950-2011), American singer, musician
born Phoebe Ann Laub
3. Phoebe Cary (1824-1871), American poet

Phoebe Middle Names
Phoebe Christine
Phoebe Jane
Phoebe Louanne
Phoebe Octavia
Phoebe Rhiannon

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  1. Phoebe says:

    Some of my nicknames are: Phoebs, Phoebalicious??, The Phoebster, Phobi, phoflee, and Phofee.

  2. Hazel says:

    Some of mine are Phoebe, Peepee, Phoebean, Phoebert, Phoebe BB, Phoebus, PJ (first and last initial).

  3. Phoebe says:

    My parents call me the what “they” call the originals (Some)


    2:(Idk why) Phoebe Doll


    4: -Before I make this official, some people get mistaken with this o.O- Peepee

    • Sonja says:

      Funny you posted on 4-10-21. My lo Phoebe is born 4-10-2018. So her dad and I call her many. She likes them all. She is Phebsters, Pheebery, pheberberbreber. Bee. PB. Fee.

  4. Phoebe says:


  5. Holli Sampson says:

    Some of my nicknames for Phoebe are Phobe, Phlob, and Popsicle.

  6. Phoebe says:

    My name is Phoebe and i LOVE it. I get called pebbles, fleebee, pinto bean, phobia, peebee, p-ho-e-bee, fifi and richard.

  7. Phoebe says:

    The most common nickname I get called would be Phibine/phibinator/flybuy nation :]

  8. Phoebe says:

    Deebee, Beep, Fee-beast, Feebee-deebee, Frisbee, Feebalicious, Deetzie, Deeter, Fee-Dee-Bee, Feebers, Fobe,

  9. Kinah says:


  10. Phoebe says:

    Some of my nick names for Phoebe are Phoeber Phoebers Phoeb Phoebs Pheebs Phoebe Lynn( first name then middle name Phoebe Rogers( first name and last name and Phoeb Phoeb or Phoebe Phoebe( or Phoebe Lynn Rogers

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