Origin: German

Meaning: “spear ruler”

Best Nicknames:
Gere, Gerry, Jerry

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Garald, Garold, Gearalt, Geralde, Geraldo, Geraud,
Gerek, Gerhard, Gerik, Gerold, Gerolld, Gerolt, Gerollt,
Gerrald, Gerrard, Gerrell, Gerrild, Gerrold, Geryld,
Giraldo, Giraud, Girauld, Girault, Jerald, Jerold, Jerrold

Gerald TV and Movie Quotes:
“Do I really look like Gerald Ford?
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
“Oh, my God, Gerald! Shall I die?”
Women in Love (1969)

Famous people named Gerald or its variations

1. Gerald Lee Laird III (b. 1979), American baseball pro
2. Geraldo Rivera (b. 1943), American news reporter, attorney,
talk show host; born Gerald Michael Riviera
3. Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (1913-2006), 38th U.S. President
born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.; nickname “Jerry”

Gerald Middle Names
Gerald Damien
Gerald Harlan
Gerald Manfred
Gerald Paul
Gerald Theodore

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