Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “gift of God”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Johnathan, Johnathon, Jon, Jonathon

Jonathan TV and Movie Quotes:
“Jonathan Kent was one of the best athletes I ever coached.”
Smallville: Hothead (2001)
“Uh, hello. Jonathan, I thought I said no more wild parties.”
The Mummy Returns (2001)

Famous people named Jonathan or its variations

1. Jonathan Dario Erlich (b. 1977) Argentine-born Israeli
tennis pro; nickname: Yoni
2. Jonathan Pryce (b. 1947), Welsh actor and singer
born John Price
3. Jonathan Harshman Winters III (1925-2013), American
comedian and actor

Jonathan Middle Names
Jonathan Dean
Jonathan Everett
Jonathan Mark
Jonathan Spencer
Jonathan Victor

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  1. johnathan says:

    big jonny

  2. Nathan says:

    Is is Nathan short for my full name Jonathan?

  3. Jonathon says:


  4. Jo-nathan says:

    Just another nickname. People call me this. Also It’s easier for people to spell.

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