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In 2013, Zehra was the 5th most popular name for girls born in Turkey.


Zuleikha is the name of Potiphar’s wife in the Quran

Zia (Girl)

131 American baby girls were named Zia in 2013. 53 were named Ziya.


Zara was the name of an Italian ship sunk by the British Navy in 1941


According to author Washington Irving, a woman of forbidding and inaccessible virtue was called a Zahareña after the fortress of Zahara


Ebony Thomas played a character named Yasmin Green for 7 years on ‘Family Affairs’

Zia (Boy)

In 2012, 16 American males and 129 American females were named Zia


Paul Coelho’s novel, The Zahir, was originally written in Portuguese.


Zain has been in the Top 1000 American male names since 2001


39 American baby boys were named Usman in 2013. An equal number were named Neftali.


In the USA, Tariq was quite popular in 1998 for baby boys. At No. 443, it was the only year it made the Top 500


In 2012, Tarek was only one-third as popular as Tariq in the USA, but it was just as popular. as Qadir, Anwar and Yamir, with 35 males for each name.

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