Origin: Greek, Hebrew

Meaning: “farmer; God has favored me “
feminine form of George combined
with Ana or Anna

Best Nicknames:
Georgi, Georgie, Gigi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Georgeann, Georgeanna, Georgeanne, Georgena,
Georgia, Georgiana, Giorgia, Giorgina

Georgiana TV and Movie Quotes:
“Georgiana, if there were ever a more vain, absurd animal than you.”
Jane Eyre (2006 Mini-Series)
“That’s an absolutely outrageous question, Georgiana.
Lost in Austen (2008 Mini-Series)

Famous people named Georgiana or its variations

1. Georgianna Robertson (b. 1972), Jamaican born model, actress
2. Georgiana Tarjan (b. 1957), Hungarian actress
born Györgyi Kinga Paula Tarján
3. Georgiana Emma Drew (1856-93), American actress
aka Georgie Drew Barrymore

Georgiana Middle Names
Georgiana Christine
Georgiana Gayle
Georgiana Joelle
Georgiana Marguerite
Georgiana Ruth

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