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The Italian pronunciation of Vanna sounds like Vonna


Corso Vittorio Emanuele is a popular covered shopping street in Milan, named after the first king of United Italy


Vito was a Top 400 American baby boy name for most of first two decades of the 20th century


Umberto II was the last King of Italy. His nickname was the King of May


In 2013, 21 American boys were named Silvio, making it just as popular as Enrico, Lucciano and 150 more names attributed to 21 male births


Saverio, (15 births) was one of 5 names ending in -erio given to American males in 2012. Silverio (15) Monterio (9), Valerio (9) and Desiderio (5) were the others.


Roma made the Top 1000 American baby girl names in every year from 1884 to 1947, except one year: 1892


In the USA, 101 baby girls were named Rosalinda in 2012, one more than the number named Annalisa

Rosario (Boy)

Rosario’s highest rank in the USA, as a popular male name, was at No. 487 in 1917. Its lowest rank was in 1935 at No. 987.


In Italy, Pietro was the 19th most popular baby boy name in 2012.


In France, Ornella peaked in popularity in 1990. The average age of girls named Ornella In 2012 was 16


23 American baby girls were named Nicolina in 2016; an equal number were named Alyx, Kadija and Truth

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