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Zillah made the Top 1000 most popular American baby girl names 3 times in the 1880s, ranking highest in 1881 at No. 739


Zena, Oklahoma is named after Asenith Wood, the wife of the first postmaster


Xanthos is the name one of the twelve sons of the Greek god Pan, and various other mythological folks and creatures


Wenonah is the name of Hiawatha’s mother in a Longfellow poem. Nokomis is his grandma.


Wilhelmina’s last appearance in the Top 300 Female Baby Names in the USA was in 1908


Ward was a consistent Top 500 popular American male name from 1880 until 1942. It totally dropped out of the Top 1000 after 1972.


58 babies were named Waldo in 1943, the last time the name was in the Top 1000 popular male names in the USA


Vernon was continuously in the Top 100 American baby boy names between 1908 and 1937


13 American baby girls were named Tamsin in 2012, making the name just as popular as Milady and Donatella


Thor has occasionally made the Top 100 most popular baby boy names in the USA, with its top rank being No. 881 in 1968


The name Theobald just never caught on in the USA since a child would undoubtedly end up being called Baldy in school


Shonda appeared in the Top 500 American baby girl names between 1969 and 1976, ranking highest rank in 1973 at No. 420

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