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In the 21st century, Zion emerged as a very popular American baby boy name, coming in at No. 235 in 2012


In 2012, Zephaniah was just as popular as Emil, Gian and Donnie, with 114 USA male births each


Wilbert enjoyed the peak of its popularity in the USA between 1910 and 1938


St. Valerian was a North African bishop who was martyred in 457 A.D.


28 American boys were named Ubaldo in 2016, 10 more than 2015


Truman reappeared in the Top 100 American boys in 2012 at No. 929, after last appearing in 2010 at No. 994


In 2012, American boys named Torrey outnumbered American girls by 27 to 9


In England, many place names either begin with Thorpe as the first word of a town name or end in -thorpe as a suffix


The name Theobald just never caught on in the USA since a child would undoubtedly end up being called Baldy in school


Teofilo can and has been reversed to form the name Filoteo. Either way, It is related in meaning to the names Amadeo and Gottlieb.


In 2012, 172 American males and 7 females were named Taj. The guys are winning this one so far


Sylvia’s highest rank in the Top 100 American baby girl names was in 1937 at No. 50. It didn’t fall below No. 200 until 1975

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