Origin: Greek

Meaning: “revelation of God”

Best Nicknames:
Tiff, Tiffi, Tiffie, Tiffy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Tifennie, Tiffaney, Tiffani, Tiffanie, Tiffeny, Tiffenie, Tiffney,
Tiphanie, Tiphenie, Tipheny, Tyffany, Tyffenie

Tiffany TV and Movie Quotes:
“What about you Tiffany, what did you get for Christmas?”
Stepbrothers (2008)
“Tiffany, I know it’s you. I can see your name on
Caller ID, genius.” When a Stranger Calls (2006)

Famous people named Tiffany or its variations

1. Tiffany Dawn Thornton (b. 1986), American actress, comedian
2. Tiffany Dupont (b. 1986), American actress
3. Tiffany Renee Darwish (b. 1971), American singer

strong>Tiffany Middle Names
Tiffany Alicia
Tiffany Diane
Tiffany Lynne
Tiffany Karyn
Tiffany Marlene

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    Kitty Sierra
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    Russell Christopher
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    Nathaniel Erick
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    Meghan Brittany
    Lake Charles
    Emma Raechelle

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