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In the USA, Yaritza only cracked the Top 500 female names once: in 1993.


11 American baby boys were named Winslow in 2013, the same number as Winthrop, Oaks and Khan


Wilfred was in the Top 200 USA most popular male names from 1911 to 1927, except for one year: 1926 when it fell to No. 214


Unlike Sienna, Vienna has never made it into the Top 1000 American baby girl names


Waldemar is a less common spelling than Valdemar


28 American baby boys were named Tilden in 2016, so it was just as popular as Hogan, Silvio and Ubaldo


Thaddeus last appeared in the Top 500 American male names in 1979. In 2012, it was No. 903


52 American baby boys were named Riddick in 2016, 13 more than in 2015


80 American boys were named Quinlan in 2012 and 7 were named Quinnlan; 36 American girls were named Quinlan and 37 were named Quinlyn or Quinlynn


Quincy was only in the Top 300 American baby boy names for 2 years: 1977 and 1978


Also a plant name and fabric used for shoes. In poetry, Robert Frost wrote about the plant, blue prunella; Alexander Pope referred to shoes with “leather and prunella”

Paris (Girl)

Paris as a female name peaked in popularity in 2004 at No. 157, in the USA

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