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From 1880 to 1946, Virgil was a Top 200 American baby boy name, reaching the Top 100 several times


Undine is a character in a 1913 Edith Wharton novel, named for the hair-curling tonic that made her father rich


As a Top 500 American male name, Tristan jumped from No. 452 in 1994 to No. 121 in 1995, and in and out of the Top 100 since then


Tigran was the 7th most popular male name in Armenia in 2013


1908 through 1915 was the only time span in which Theron was consistently in the Top 500 American baby boy names


In 2013, 8 American males were named Spiro. An equal number ( 5 each) were named Spiros and Spyridon


The peak of Roxanne’s popularity in the USA was in the 1950s

Rosario (Boy)

Rosario’s highest rank in the USA, as a popular male name, was at No. 487 in 1917. Its lowest rank was in 1935 at No. 987.


Quincy was only in the Top 300 American baby boy names for 2 years: 1977 and 1978


24 American males were named Quade in 2012; 19 were named Quaid


They must like things simpler In that part of the world where Ohannes is favored over Johannes and Hovhannes


Mara has been in the Top 1000 Names for American girls since 1950, but never got into the Top 500

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