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Winfield was consistently in the Top 500 American male names from 1880 through 1900, with a high rank of No. 122 in 1880


Willis was a Top 100 name in 1880 and 1881


After 1948, Ulysses dropped out of the Top 500 list for American baby boy names. It last appeared in the Top 1000 in 2005 at No. 982


5 American baby boys were named Travers in 2012. An equal number were named Corrado, and another 5 were named Mercury.


Shawna first appeared in the Top 1000 American baby girl names in 1956, rose to the Top 200 in the 1970s, then plummeted to bottom by 2003 (No. 942)


The high point for the name Randolph in the United States occurred in 1952, when it reached its highest rank: No. 154


Quincy was only in the Top 300 American baby boy names for 2 years: 1977 and 1978


The Corsican version of Quentin is Quintinu. In Italian, it’s Quintino.


In 2011, Prescott was just as popular for an American baby boy as Oaklee, Majesty and Trigger, with 21 births attributed to each name


Powell only made the Top 1000 American male names once: in 1891 at No. 936.


In 2012 in the USA, Pinchas was the preferred spelling with 29 births and Pinches was the least popular with 7 births.


Peyton and Payton are unisex names

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