Origin: Old French

Meaning: “stone”
variant of Chantal

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Chanda, Chonda, Shanda, Shonna, Shonni, Shonnie, Shonta

Shonda Book Quotes:
” Shonda laughed so hard she was nearly bawling.”
Kiss the Bride (2013)
“Shonda was a quiet child.” Whale Song (2007)

Famous people named Shonda or its variations

1. Shonda Katherine Farr, American actress
2. Shonda Rhimes (b. 1970), American screenwriter, director
3. Shonda Schilling (b. 1967), American spokeswoman, activist;
founder of The Shade Foundation (sun-exposure awareness)

Shonda Middle Names
Shonda Cecile
Shonda Gabrielle
Shonda Jane
Shonda Yvette

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