Origin: Italian

Meaning: “my lady”

Best Nicknames
Maddi, Maddie, Maddy, Madge, Donna

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Adonna, Belladonna, Ladonna, Madena, Madina

Madonna TV and Movie Quotes:
“Yeah well, Madonna is legend.”
Glee: The Power of Madonna (2010)
“Excuse me for not being the world’s biggest Madonna fan.”
Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Famous people named Madonna or its variations

1. Madonna Louise Ciccone, American singer
2. MaDonna Grimes, American dancer, actress
3. Madonna Thunder Hawk, native American activist

Madonna Middle Names:
Madonna Charlotte
Madonna Francesca
Madonna Juliette
Madonna Paloma
Madonna Rose

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  1. madonna juliette says:

    Sloane Peterson mother

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