Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “set, appointed”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Seff, Seffy

Seth TV and Movie Quotes:
“According to my Uncle Seth, an accident like this is
exceptionally rare.” Super 8 (2011)
“Hey Sandy, doesn’t Seth look rad?”
The O.C.: The Heights (2003)

Famous people named Seth or its variations

1. Seth Rogen (b. 1982), Canadian comedian, actor
2. Seth Benjamin Green (b. 1974), American actor, comedian
3. Seth Woodbury MacFarlane (b. 1973), American animator, actor

Seth Middle Names
Seth Garrett
Seth Kendrick
Seth Lucas
Seth Riley
Seth Tyler

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  1. Seth says:

    The guitarist in my band calls me Sethington. An old friend of mine couldn’t pronounce my name, and always called me Steth. Once my cousin heard that, he started calling me Stethoscope for the longest time. I’ve also been called Seeth, which made me laugh. C’est la vie, I suppose!

  2. Seth D says:

    Sethron. First name Seth. Middle name Ronald.

  3. Seth Hanson says:

    Heard ALL of those before as well, but here’s some other nicknames I’ve been called: sether, setharuzioni, smeth, sef, zeth, zest, yummy yummy Seth is all up in my tummy! :)

  4. Luckiest Girl says:

    I am the most luckiest girl on the planet. My crushes name is Seth. He knows I like him and is hasn’t changed a bit- he doesn’t act nicer, and he doesn’t avoid me because of this. He is also cuddlable, so I like to call him Teddybear (In my head). I looked up his name meaning on the Urban Dictionary, and it is extremely accurate.

  5. Seth.D.H says:

    I’m called seffy boi or sethimus but an old favourite is Blaze cuz of my big enthusiasm towards fire

  6. Nicole says:

    I call my son Sether, Setheroni, Super Seth
    His dad called him Sethmacaroni and Cheese or Sethmiester!!
    The neighbor calls him Zeth or Setharoo!!

    • Mom of Seth says:

      Seth is a strong named. My son name is Seth Ronald. Named after his great grandfather. Nickname Sethron and Sethroo & Sethbear or just bear. In Seth’s ultrasound he look like a bear. Seth was very protective of his little sister. When my son was inside moving around. Felt liked he was jumping around like a kangaroo. When Seth was little. He jump around like a kangaroo when excited. His name was kangaroo before he was seth. I never mention Sethron to my in-laws. They laughed when I called Seth kangaroo. I never mentioned his other nicknames until now.

  7. Seth g says:

    I’ve had people call me sethescope, sethorama, sethanheimer, sethenomics, and things like that

  8. Seth K. says:

    So far i have had people call me Sethory, Seth a roo, Seth e poo, Setheroph, and Sith.

  9. seth h says:

    my friend have a nickname for me sethleberry and sethlejohn

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