Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “youthful, handsome”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Gasan, Gassan, Ghasan, Ghassane

Ghassan Book Quotes:
“Ghassan ran his fingers through his wild, curly hair, getting them caught in the salty locks.” Dark Empress (2016)
“Ghassan laughed, but it sounded like crying.”
The Bamboo Stalk (2015)

Famous people named Ghassan or its variations
Ghassan MahfouzGhassan MassoudGhassan Tueni

1. Ghassan Mahfouz (b. 1977), Lebanese artist
2. Ghassan Massoud (b. 1958), Syrian actor, filmmaker
3. Ghassan Tueni (1926-2012), Lebanese journalist

Ghassan Middle Names
Ghassan Bashir
Ghassan Kassim
Ghassan Nassir
Ghassan Raouf

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