Origin: English

Meaning: “dark-skinned, moorish”
Anglicization of Maurice

Best Nicknames:
Mo, Moe, Morey, Morrey, Morrie, Morry

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Morice, Moris, Moritz, Morrice, Morrison, Morse

Morris TV and Movie Quotes:
“Come on, Morrie, you’re talking crazy, stop it!” Goodfellas (1990)
“It’s against regulations, Morris, and you know it.”
Escape from Alcatraz (1979)
“You like this house, don’t you, Morris?” The Heiress (1950)

Famous people named Morris or its variations

1. Morris Lee Claiborne (b. 1990), American football pro
2. Morrie Steevens (b. 1940, American baseball pro
Morris Dale Steevens
3. Mo Udall (1922-98), American politician
born Morris King Udall

Morris Middle Names
Morris Aloysius
Morris David
Morris Gabriel
Morris Julius
Morris Saul

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