Origin: Italian

Meaning: “various”
“God is gracious” as a diminutive of:
Giana, Gianna, Gina, Gioia, Giovanna

Gia TV and Movie Quotes:
“Hey, Dad. Gia is having a party tomorrow. Can I go?”
Full House: Making Out Is Hard to Do (1994)
“It sounds so complicated just listening to, Gia.”
Salaam-E-Ishq (2007)

Famous people named Gia or its variations

1. Gia Allemand (b. 1983), American model, actress
born Gina Marie Allemand
2. Gia Cristine Mantegna (b. 1990), American actress
3. Gia Scala (1934-72), English actress
born Giovanna Scoglio

Gia Middle Names
Gia Celeste
Gia Francesca
Gia Marie
Gia Nicole
Gia Paloma

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  1. Gianna says:

    You could do Gia, GG, Gi, G, Usernames could be GorgeousGiaa Omgitzgia
    Godsgirl GraciousGia
    GenerousGia GratefulGia
    GamerGia GlamGia
    GlitzGia Gia(last name)11

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