Origin: Greek

Meaning: “precious sea-colored jewel”

Best Nicknames:
Berri, Berrie, Berry, Rilly, Rylla

Variations and Sound-Alikes:
Beril, Beryle, Berylla, Beryn

Beryl TV and Movie Quotes:
‘Queen Beryl, I have important information for you.”
Sailor Moon: Fight to the Finish (1995)
“I tell ya – it’s a strange bloody country, Beryl.”
My Entire Life (1996)

Famous people named Beryl its variations

1. Beryl Adolphs Nalowa Esembe (b. 1972),
Cameroonian sociologist and anthropologist
1. Beryl Margaret Bainbridge (1932-2010), English writer
2. Beryl Elizabeth Reid (1919-96), British actress

Beryl Middle Names
Beryl Athena
Beryl Grace
Beryl Johanna
Beryl Prudence

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