Origin: Irish

Meaning: “champion”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Neale, Neelie, Neelle, Neely, Neila, Neilie, Nielle, Neily

Phrases You May Say or Hear Someday:
Don’t make me come in there, Neile.
Neile has a lovely color eyes.
Surprise, Neile! Happy birthday!

Famous people named Neile or its variations

1. Neile L. Miller (c. 1957), acting administrator,
US National Nuclear Security Administration
2. Neile Graham (b. 1958), Canadian poet, scholar
3. Neile Adams (b. 1932), Filipino actress, entertainer
born Ruby Neilam Salvador Adams

Neile Middle Names
Neile Bernadette
Neile Loretta
Neile Marie
Neile Priscilla
Neile Winona

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