Mackenzie (Boy)

Origin: Irish, Gaelic

Meaning: “son of the wise ruler”

Best Nicknames:
Mac, Mack, Kenzo

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Mackensie, Mckensie, Mckenzie.

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Mackenzie, how come you can turn the lights on but
you can’t turn them off?
Mackenzie twisted his ankle.
What kind of cereal do you want, Mack?

Famous people named Mackenzie or its variations

1. Mackenzie Crook (b. 1971), British actor and comedian
born Paul Mackenzie Crook
2. Sir Mackenzie Bowell (1823-70), 5th Canadian Prime Minister
3. Mackenzie Alexander Astin (b. 1973), American actor

Mackenzie Middle Names
Mackenzie Bryan
Mackenzie James
Mackenzie Martin
Mackenzie Pius
Mackenzie Rupert

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  1. maksna skams says:

    kenny by far is the best nickname for mackenzie

  2. mbr232 says:

    mack, kenz, kenzie

  3. Kenziet123 says:

    Mckenzie is the Irish spelling the name Mackenzie is not Irish

  4. Jessica duncan says:


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