Origin: Latin

Meaning: “pure”
virtue name

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Chasaty, Chasity, Chassity, Chasta, Chasti,
Chastie, Chastady, Chastidy, Chastitee, Chasty

Chastity TV and Movie Quotes:
“Give me chastity and continence, O Lord – but not yet”
Inspector Morse: Service of All the Dead (1987)
“Chastity, how could you have anything important to say?
You’re a girl.” Big Helium Dog (1999)
“Faith? Oh, I had a girlfriend named Faith. She cheated on me,
with a girl named Chastity.” Red Planet (2000)

Famous people named Chastity or its variations

1. Chastity Brown (b. 1982), American singer, musician
2. Chastity Reed (b. 1989) American basketball pro
3. Chastity “Chas” Dingle, fictional character on “Emmerdale”
played by actress, Lucy Pargeter

Chastity Middle Names
Chastity Brianne
Chastity Eileen
Chastity Leigh
Chastity Rhiannon
Chastity Tyne

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