Origin: Latin

Meaning: “bright, famous”
also Greek: “brilliant”

Best Nicknames
Clairie, Clarrie, Clairy, Clairry

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Clair, Clairette, Clairey, Clairice, Clara, Clare,
Clarice, Clarine, Clarisa, Clarissa, Clarisse,
Claryce, Clayre, Klaire, Klara, Klaryce

Claire TV and Movie Quotes:
“Note to Claire: if you want family drama, rent Spy Kids.”
Modern Family: Good Cop Bad Dog (2011)
“I love you, Claire Bear.” Heroes:
Chapter 11, Powerless
“Claire, I’m more afraid of being nothing than I am of being hurt.”
Days of Thunder (2010)

Famous people named Claire or its variations

1. Claire Catherine Danes (b. 1979), American actress
2. Claire Bloom (b. 1931), English actress
born Patricia Claire Blume
3. Claire Jane Sweeney (b. 1971), English actress, singer

Claire Middle Names
Claire Devon
Claire Elizabeth
Claire Jonelle
Claire Nicole
Claire Simone

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    Claritin Clear

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    my name is claire eva so do you think cece is a good nickname?

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    Cici, Airi/Airy, Ciara, Clay, Cay/Kay, Ari

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    cici, clairebear, clarissa, claireeeeeeee, clarabell

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