Origin: Latin

Meaning: “eight”

Best Nicknames
Tati, Tatie, Tavi, Tavie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Octaviana, Octavianne, Octavienne, Octavine, Ottavia

Octavia TV and Movie Quotes:
“Whose destiny is Octavia’s marriage to insure?”
Imperium: Augustus (2003)
I will not! Octavia’s my rightful wife. Rome: How Titus
Pullo Brought Down the Republic

Famous people named Octavia or its variations

1. Octavia the Younger (69 BC-11 BC), a.k.a.
Octavia Minor, sister of first Roman Emperor,
Augustus and 4th wife of Mark Antony
2. Octavia Estelle Butler (1947-2006), American sci-fi writer
3. Octavia Spencer (b. 1972), American actress

Octavia Middle Names
Octavia Denise
Octavia Laurette
Octavia Louise
Octavia Valencia

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