Origin: Latin

Meaning: “garden”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Hartencia, Hartinsia, Hortencia, Hortensia, Ortense, Ortensia

Hortense TV and Movie Quotes:
“Let me share something with you, Hortense” Secrets and Lies (1996)
“Hortense told me everything.” Cousin Bette (1998)
“Hortense, help me get dressed.” Nana (1955)

Famous people named Hortense its variants

1. Hortense Calisher (1911-2009), American fiction author
2. Marie-Hortense Fiquet Cézanne (1850-1922), French artists’
model, wife of Paul Cézanne
3. Hortense Eugénie Cécile de Beauharnais Bonaparte (1783-1837),
step-daughter, sister-in-law of French Emperor, Napoleon I

Hortense Middle Names
Hortense Emilia
Hortense Jeanne
Hortense Lorraine
Hortense Marie
Hortense Rose

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