Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “son of Howel”
alterntative: “son of St. Paul’s servant”

Variations, Nicknames and Soundalikes:
Pow, Powel, Powl

Powell TV and Movie Quotes:
“That toy rightfully belongs to me, Powell!”
Transformers: Animated (2007 TV Series)
“Stop mucking around because we don’t want Powell to hear us next door.” Prisoners (1979 TV Series)

Famous people named Powell or its variations

1. Powell St. John, American singer, songwriter
2. Powell Frederick Carter, Jr. (b. 1931), American Navy admiral
3. Powell Clayton (1833-1914), American Civil War general (Union);
first Reconstruction Republican governor of Arkansas

Middle Names for Powell:
Powell Cornelius
Powell Graham
Powell Jonathan
Powell Levi
Powell Royden

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