Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “greatest champion”
alt meaning: from Cynwrig
also, fem. form of Kenneth

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Kandra, Kenda, Kendrah, Kendrea, Kendri, Kendria,
Kendrie, Kendrya, Kenia, Kenna, Kennah, Kenndra,
Kenndrea, Kenni, Kindra, Kyndra, Kyndria

Kendra TV and Movie Quotes:
“We got one more shot at Kendra, but you won’t like her
conditions.” Burn Notice: Neighborhood Watch (2010)
“…there is nothing between us. Kendra is just an old friend.”
Desperate Housewives (2004 TV Series)

Famous people named Kendra or its variations

1. Kendra Leigh Wilkinson (b. 1985), American reality star, model
2. Kendra Goodwin (b. 1982), American ice dancer
3. Kendra Norman-Bellamy (b. 1966), American author

Kendra Middle Names
Kendra Caroline
Kendra Faith
Kendra Jeanne
Kendra Maureen
Kendra Rose

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  1. Kendra Whalen says:

    Kendra Alecia and Kendra Jolene are also two middle names that could be used.

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