Origin: Old French

Meaning: “wealth”

Best Nicknames
Odie, Ody, Dette, Detta

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Odilia, Odelia, Odetta

Odette TV and Movie Quotes:
“Oh, Odette, I desperately need your magic touch”
Odette Toulemonde (2007)
“All right, floor it, Odette. I’ve got geese to cook.”
The Swan Princess Christmas (2012)

Famous people named Odette or its variations

1. Odette Juliette Yustman (b. 1985), American actress
a.k.a. Odette Annable
2. Odette Samson Hallowes (1912-1995), Allied heroine, WWII
born Odette Marie Céline Brailly
3. Odetta Holmes (1930–2008), American singer,
musician, human rights activist

Odette Middle Names
Odette Daisy
Odette Faith
Odette Lilyana
Odette Maribel
Odette Zephira

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