Origin: Greek

Meaning: “dusty one, messenger”
The nickname Deacon is used frequently in sports

Deacon Variations and Diminutives:
Deakin, Deecon, Deekon, Deke

Deacon TV and Movie Quotes:
“We’re looking for leads on Deacon’s murder, not
“America’s Skankiest Home Videos”.
Law & Order: SVU – Quarry (2005)
“How’d you get that scar, Deacon?” Blade (1998)
“Hi. I’m Deacon Jones, and I’m here to teach you how
to whip Evil’s ass.” Good vs Evil: Underworld (2000)

Famous people nicknamed Deacon

1. Deacon Jones (b. 1938), American football pro
born David D. Jones
2. Freakin’ Deacon (b. 1983), American wrestler
born Andrew ‘Drew” Hankinson
3. Deacon John (b. 1935), American blues musician, singer
born John Moore

More Deacons

  • Deacon Batista (b. 1969), American wrestling champ
    born David Michael Bautista, Jr.
  • Deacon Frost, fictional Marvel Universe villain
    first appearance: The Tomb of Dracula #13 (1973)
  • Deacon Litz (1897-1967), American race car driver
    born Artha Benson Litz
  • Deacon Phillippe (1872-1952), American baseball pro
    born Charles Louis Phillippi
  • Deacon Sharpe, fictional soap opera character
    The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless
    portrayed by actor, Sean Kanan
  • Deacon White (1847-1939), American baseball pro
    born James Laurie White
  • Deacon McGuire (1863-1936), American baseball pro
    born James Thomas McGuire

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