Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “glen”
variant of Glenna

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Glennis, Glenys, Glinnis, Glinyce, Glinys, Glinyss, 
Glynae, Glynice, Glyn, Glynn, Glynnie, Glynnis

Glynis TV and Movie Quotes:
“Did you see the look Glynis gave you in Chem today?”
Joan of Arcadia (2003 TV Series)
“Glynis said you were a cartoonist.” Zodiac (2007)

Famous people named Glynis or its variations

1. Glynnis Talken Campbell a.k.a. Sarah Kerrigan, romance author
2. Glynis Barber (b. 1955), South African actress
Born Glynis van der Riet
3. Glynis Johns (b. 1923), South African-born Welsh actress

Glynis Middle Names
Glynis Alicia
Glynis Deborah
Glynis Frances
Glynis Keira
Glynis Lauren

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