Chuck is a nickname for Charles

Origin: Old German
Meaning: “free man”

Best Charles Nicknames:
Charley, Charlie, Charly, Chas, Chaz,
Chick, Chip, Chuck, Chucky

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Who do you think you’re talking to, Chuck?
Chucky is getting so handsome.
Chuck went to the store for me.

Famous people nicknamed Chuck

1. Chuck Norris (b. 1940), American martial arts expert, actor
born Carlos Ray Norris
2. Chuck Connors (b. 1921-92), American actor
born Kevin Joseph Connors
3. Chuck Berry (1926-2017), American rocker, songwriter
born Charles Edward Anderson Berry

More Chucks

  • Chuck Comeau (b. 1979), Canadian drummer (Simple Plan)
    born Charles-André Comeau
  • Chuck Jackson (b. 1937), American R&B singer
  • Chuck McCann (b. 1934), American actor
  • Chuck Mangione, American musician
    born Charles Frank Mangione
  • Chuck Taylor (b. 1986), American pro wrestler
    born Dustin Howard
  • Chuck Wagner (b. 1958), American actor, singer
  • Chuck Woolery (b. 1941), game show host, musician
    born Charles Herbert Woolery
  • Chuck Yeager (b. 1923), American air force general
    born Charles Elwood Yeager

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