Origin: Greek

Meaning: “life”
feminine form of Zoilo or Zoilos

Best Nicknames:
Zoi, Zoy, Zoylie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Zoileah, Zoilee, Zolie, Zoyla

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
You say the ‘oi’ in Zoila like ‘oy.’
Zoila skipped a grade in school.
You’re not listening, Zoila.

Famous people named Zoila or its variations

1. Zoila Chavez, Nicaraguan reality TV star
“Flipping Out”
2. Zoila Frausto Gurgel (b. 1983), American mixed martial
arts pro a.k.a. “Warrior Princess”
3. Zoila Rosa Martinez Castro, First Lady of Venezuela
from 1899 to 1908.

Zoila Middle Names:
Zoila Isabelle
Zoila Rosaria
Zoila Ximena

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