Origin: Italian

Meaning: “ordered, disciplined”
from the Greek word, cosmos

Best Nicknames:
Cosimino, Mimino, Mimmo, Mino

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Côme, Cosma, Cosmas, Cosme, Cosmin,
Cosmo, Kosmas, Kuzma, Kuzman

Cosimo Book Quotes:
“On deck, Cosimo drank cognac from the flask…”
Almost a Lady (2005)
“Cosimo did not try to manage everything.”
The Rise and Fall of the Medici Bank (1999)

Famous people named Cosimo or its variations

1. Cosimo Aldo Cannone (b. 1984), Italian racing driver
2. Cosimo Massimo Fusco (b. 1962), Italian actor
3. Cosimo Matassa (1926-2014), Sicilian-American recording
engineer, rock n’ roll pioneer

Cosimo Middle Names
Cosimo Cesare
Cosimo Gianni
Cosimo Luigi
Cosimo Pasquale

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